Supporting the health and wellbeing of all Garda personnel

Garda Occupational Health and Wellbeing is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of all Garda personnel. The service fully acknowledges the impact of last week’s significant and troubling events and the potential impact this may have on health and wellbeing of our personnel who were involved in the emergency response. 

Accordingly, we wish to remind you about the resources and confidential organisational support services available to you: 

  1. KOPS App
  2. Peer Supporters – 01 6660390 (to check your local Peer Supporters)
  3. Garda Employee Assistance Service – 01-6660390
  4. Garda Occupational Health Service – 01-6662325/6
  5. Chaplaincy – Fr. Joe Kennedy and Rev. David Pierpoint (telephone contacts on the Garda Portal)
  6. Inspire 24-7 Helpline – 1800 817433

The significance of providing assistance during challenging times is well recognised. In the event that you have any concerns or require additional assistance in a confidential manner, it is advised to contact any of the above using the contact details provided. Psychological supervision can be provided where appropriate in the context of events yesterday.

We encourage you to maintain your personal wellbeing and help support each other at this time.