February 2024

February represents the natural time when new ideas gain energy, to become actions.

The first of February marks the traditional transition from winter to spring. In our personal lives that means moving from a time of rest and reflection to a time of initiation and action. Traditionally the first day of February marks our move into the ancient festival of Imbolc. Imbolc celebrates the increasing daylight, the threshold of new beginnings. Perhaps February holds more of a new year feeling than January does. January resides in winter but February has always represented new beginnings. The first of February also marks St Bridget’s day. Brigit represents our awareness on how we want to be, what we stand for.                            


5 Tips for your personal development in February –

1. Take notice of what you want this year, at this moment. be conscious of your immediate choices, and where you are directing your life’s energy into going forward. What are you consuming, watching, listening to, believing in? Is it aligned with your goals?

2. People who likenewness and search for new ways of being, they stay fresh and alive. Ask what newness can you bring into this year? Be that new training, a new mind-set, a new behaviour. People who stay the same become tired. The world needs more of us to be first, to move forward. Say yes to new opportunities. What events, places or communities/people do you need to be around to gain inspiration and energy?

3. Focus – we all suffer from concentration disorder. If we don’t focus on one thing, we will be distracted by everything. Each day ask yourself – “what is the most important thing I need to do right now?” focus on the most important goal that moves you forward.

4. The beginning is always today. When you’re feeling despondent about failing on a new habit, remember, you have the power to start fresh from right now. Each in-breath we take; each new day, represents the chance of a new start. Believe in your ability to regather even stronger.

5. Choose one action that you need to do every day - Set out a daily measurable action, that if completed will lead to success. You can keep track of it in a journal. A recent article from the Physiological Society stated that as little as six minutes of daily exercise could extend the lifespan of a healthy brain and delay the onset of neurodegenerative disorders. It’s good to get out, so you feel better within. Other examples include getting 3000 steps in your day, witness the new green shoots pushing through the dark soil. If you’ve always thought of writing a book then write 500 words a day, every day, in 6 months you have your first book draft.

“the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing will make it happen” – Frank Lloyd Wright

What ideas and dreams have you constantly put aside, that today you can resurrect?

In the next article we will outline the latest research in habit change, how to initiate and commit to change and how to survive when we feel like we have failed.

Garda National Wellbeing Office


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