Inspire Counselling Service

Inspire 24/7, 365 Telephone Helpline & Counselling Service     

The service is free and you can call anytime 24/7, 365 days a year at 1800 817 433

This service is free and confidential for both Garda personnel and you can avail of it 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. The service can be used for workplace difficulties and/or personal issues.

The current contract provides a 2-tier system which includes the following services:

  • solution focus-based therapy for life and work events; and / or
  • trauma focus-based counselling, delivered by qualified trauma counsellors

Solution focused therapy addresses issues that arise in our everyday lives and that may be having a negative impact on us.  It is a short term intervention that will give the coping skills to address the issue and move on progress in everyday life.

6 face to face counselling sessions are available with 2 additional sessions available if required.  Some of the presenting issues that may be addressed include:

  • Trauma
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Family/Relationship issues
  • Financial difficulties
  • Addictions
  • Harassment/Sexual Harassment
  • Bereavement

Trauma Focused Therapy

Trauma focused therapy is available to help personnel who may be impacted following a critical and/or traumatic event(s).

The counselling is accessed through 1800 817 433, however when engaging with the initial call taker please let them know it’s for a traumatic incident in work.

The referral is then made to an appropriate trauma counsellor and the following is the format is adapted for engaging with trauma counselling:

  • On activation, up to 6 sessions of trauma counselling are available
  • Following clinical assessment, a further 6 sessions may be approved
  • If additional sessions are required, referral is made to the CMO for approval

The service is completely confidential.  An Garda Síochána will not be told who is using the service, and will only receive anonymised statistics in order to facilitate evaluation of the service.  However, if an employee is at risk of harm to themselves or others, or involved in criminal activity, or there are any child protection concerns, then confidentiality may be waived in line with the Code of Ethics.

Inspire Wellbeing Hub

The hub is available via the Inspire website.  It provides valuable advice and guidance on individual wellbeing needs. There is instant access to information on topics such as Sleep, Anxiety, Stress etc.

There is also a self-help resource tool which helps with promoting and maintaining Positive Mental Health.  This provides a structure to help identify and review possible factors contributing to difficulties. The guide then brings the individual through a series of tasks to help build on existing resources to help resolve difficulties and promote wellbeing.